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Sing Me a Story is an intimate, open and vulnerable interactive experience about the power of stories.

Sing Me a Story

This is an intimate, open, and vulnerable interactive experience about the power of stories; how we are wired for and respond to them. Bradford utilizes the live music setting, where people are accustomed to engaging stories told via song, to draw out and explore their unique dynamics with the audience. A well-told story draws us in to see ourselves in the stead of the characters, showing us something about empathy, compassion, mercy, and grace. It can inform, teach, challenge, and help us see the world around us more clearly and be compelled to respond. Bradford’s program establishes a welcoming and open environment that invites and encourages the audience to participate in Q and A sessions, and a look at the inspiration for, and the stories behind the songs. “Sing Me a Story” is a powerful, interactive experience with a gifted passionate performer.

This guy is amazingly gifted and full of heart!!”

Mary L. Ephrata Library

Bradford Loomis visited 13 of our public libraries, with rave reviews! Audiences of every size were mesmerized by Bradford and his music. His performance was so much more than a concert – Bradford helped people understand the meaning behind the music by telling the story behind the songs before singing them. We would highly recommend him for any public event or venue!!

Kim Neher, Adult Services Manager at North Central Regional Library

The audience was mesmerized. Great experience!”
Jennifer Chelan Library