What does it mean to be a
Lineage Artistry Records member?

As a Lineage Artistry Records member, you will receive exclusive and premier access to the behind-the-scenes of the music industry through my perspective. You will get new music every month (some of which will never be released anywhere else!), exclusive Lineage Artistry Records Member swag, new industry insights, discounts on merch, membership into a private Facebook group, access to monthly Zoom sessions where you can build relationships with my other Patrons who are a wonderful group of art-loving people.

I have five different tiers of membership to choose from with unique perks at every level. I hope you will consider becoming a part of my supportive community.
If you have any questions, please reach out directly to me.

The more an aspiring musician learns about the music industry the easier it is to feel overwhelmed by the daunting way everything is set up to exploit the artists and their art. A lot of money and effort goes into promoting, marketing, and building an artist’s brand and selling their music. Labels fund the music of their artists. They promote their releases, train them, equip them and surround them with producers, musicians, and writers in the hopes that they have the right stuff to land commercial success. In exchange, they own the recordings (masters) and leverage them as much as possible. To protect their investment, labels are highly selective about who they get behind. An artist can try to convince the gatekeepers to get on board waiting for an approval that may never come, or they can go make their own career.
My musical career has always revolved around community. From the musicians I’ve met and worked with to the audiences I’ve played for and my friends and family, I’ve been very fortunate to have a vibrant supportive community around me. In playing House Concerts all over the country and meeting incredible people in every place I’ve been, the connective power of music becomes stark. My wife and I started our own label, Lineage Artistry Records, to determine for ourselves what success will look like. We also launched a patron-based subscription, which has been a bedrock of sustaining us through the turbulence of the last couple of years. Throughout my pursuit in music, we periodically reassess our trajectory, wins, and losses. One thing has become clear: we need to merge the record label with our patron subscription.