Bradford Loomis

Voice-Over Artist/Actor

Voice-Over Artist/Actor Highlights

  • Larry Markwart Saves Chinook Fest (Short Film) – Narrator (Sept. 2020) Digital Vendetta Prod.
  • Seattle North Country Tourism TV Ad Campaign – Narrator (July 2019) Milltown Creative
  • Borton Packing Center Commercial – Narrator (Sept. 2019) Digital Vendetta Prod.
  • ACT Radio Commercial Campaign – Narrator (Dec. 2019) Digital Vendetta Prod.
  • Yakima Chief Ranches Industry Promotional Campaign – Narrator (Dec. 2019) Digital Vendetta Prod.
  • ACT Radio Jingle – Singer/Narrator (Jan. 2019) Digital Vendetta Prod.
  • Densify TV and Online Commercial Campaign – Vocalist/Audio production (Dec. 2018) Innertainment
  • Softchoice Promotional Campaign – Narrator (Jan. 2018) Innertainment
  • University of Waterloo Commercial Campaign – Narrator (Nov. 2018) Innertainment
  • Simpson Strong Tie Promotional Video – Narrator (Jan. 2018) Go West Creative


As a touring musician and artist Bradford has spent time in every state in continental America as well as Canada and Europe. His music is a soulful brand of Americana that he calls Rhythm & Roots. It’s centered in powerful storytelling and speaks of the raw reality of the human condition with passion, sharing tales that are shaped by grief and longing and colored by wistfulness and regret, but that are lifted by enduring hope, humility, and love.

Being a full time professional vocalist, musician, songwriter, actor and performing artist for over a decade in an experiential medium he has learned that narrative is such a powerful way to connect to people. The stories we tell can uniquely connect with people and leave them with something to remember. Being meticulous about breath control, vowel shape, expression, phrasing and pacing and breath support has equipped him to take his craft of storytelling to the world of Voice Over as well.

Trained in the realm of music, and dramatic performance for over 20 years, Bradford brings a wealth of experience to any project. With a three and a half octave range that can be soft and high like Elmo or low, gritty and gravely like Sam Elliott, he can voice a wide variety of characters or narration. This versatility is great for character voices but Bradford has a warm, intelligent and confident voice that is also well suited for narration, phone greetings, audiobooks, tutorial scripts and explainer videos.



With a professional grade studio at his home in Nashville TN (including Shure Sm7b broadcasters mic, pop shield, an ART Voice Channel Preamp, and Logic Pro X as his recording software) Bradford is in the booth daily and can turn your project around within 24 – 48 hours. Need some music as well? Bradford can take care of that as well.

For more information, please contact: Foster Valen, Lineage Artistry,